Supplier: Dentequip
09 April, 2020

When it comes to healthcare clinic design and equipment supply, quality assurance comes with the name Dentequip.

We have been working in healthcare circles for more than 40 years, providing practice design and fit-out services on time and within budget. Our results are known for their reliability, durability, efficiency and ergonomic function. That’s because we never provide anything we wouldn’t use ourselves, from clinic construction to new dental tools.

Here are some of the design ideas that we bring to the table when creating new clinics for doctors, dentists, vets and other healthcare professionals.


When it comes to healthcare clinic designs, many practitioners focus only on the practicalities and forget about the actual design process. At Dentequip, we do it all, providing striking architectural designs in an effective treatment environment.

Our design and construction services cover everything from electrical work to flooring to custom cabinetry. For waiting rooms, treatment areas, reception desks, and more, we bring your vision to life down to the smallest detail. This includes special features, such as thematic, colour-matched equipment and furniture. These little touches can go a long way to defining your brand, and it’s simple to pull off when the same team handles the design and equipment supply.

Thoughtful features like clever colour-matching can really be a celebration of your clinic’s identity, just as it was when we fit out the new Dental Gallery location for their 10th anniversary.


Pre-occupying and engaging patients has become a large part of dentistry and other healthcare environments as practitioners look for innovative ways to combat patient phobias. Dentequip loves this idea and we have the capability to integrate entertainment features into your design as required. Picture a recessed ceiling screen with internet access, surround sound and TV/Blu-ray entertainment. This perfect solution for patient distraction was just one of the many features we incorporated into a double-clinic renovation in Bundoora.

Perhaps most impressively, the speedy three-week renovation perfectly worked around the practitioner’s schedule, completely minimised downtime and inconvenience, and even met the budget requirements. All this, and we still delivered a quality finish, complete with entertaining extras. You can read about that here, or better yet, why not ask us how we can achieve the same for your clinic.


At the heart of each of our medical office designs is our unique, four-pronged approach, which we believe sets us apart and puts us above the rest.

The concept is simple: Not only do we provide design and construction services, we’ll also source your healthcare equipment and provide equipment servicing, too. Having your clinic designer as your equipment supplier is extremely valuable. It ensures a design that perfectly incorporates your new tools and provides modern equipment solutions to match your new look. With our equipment and our construction, you can be assured that we only deliver a standard of quality that we would use ourselves.


Operating throughout Metro Melbourne and Regional Victoria, you can learn more about Dentequip’s work here. For expert design, construction and fit-out services for dental surgeries, doctor’s offices, veterinary clinics and more.