Sony IP Patient Monitor: developed to meet regional healthcare needs

Supplier: Sony Australia Limited
31 October, 2013

Sony's IP Patient Monitor - IPPMRX550P, has been developed in Australia to meet the specific needs of regional healthcare.

The solution enables two-way audio and one-way video communication via IP technology. It has been created in an environment where privacy, ease of installation, simplicity of use and reliability are key concerns.

Most tele-health systems require the patient, medical personnel, medical specialists to all be ready at the same time. With Sony IP Patient Monitor specialists are able to remotely control the camera across the internet via a web browser and do not need to physically attend consultations. This allows specialists to attend to other patients efficiently.

There are over 200 IP Patient Monitors in use across Australia.

Key features and benefits

Improve consultation efficiency

Sony IP Patient Monitor allows medical specialists to log onto the web browser and commerce medical consultation without physically being with the patient. It also gives medical specialists the complete control of the camera, who not only can pan, tilt, zoom the camera remotely but also can establish a two-way communication with the patient.

Secure and respect privacy

Sony IP Patient Monitor is password protected for each new consultation session. Although the medical specialists can control the camera remotely, the right to commerce the consultation and allow the specialist to view the patient is granted to the medical personnel who is with the patient. The IP Patient Monitor's "ON AIR" light will be lit and opening tone will be played out loud at the patient's site to indicate the start of a session.

Easy installation

Sony IP Patient Monitor is easy to install, and to operate it simply requires an internet connection and basic internal networking.

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