Storage Fit out - Public Hospital NSW – Mental Health Unit

19 May 2020

Public Hospital NSW – Mental Health Unit

The main object of the fit out for the Public Hospital on the North Coast of NSW was to give the department staff as much storage space as possible in several small storage rooms & to ensure the systems chosen maximised space as well as being suitable for the items they needed to store in each area of the hospital unit.

Main storage systems within this project were:

Sterimesh™ Wire Shelving Compactus Unit with for general storage of hospital consumables & equipment
Large Vented plastic crates to easily store bulky patient belongings ensure dust did not settle on the contents of the crates.

Sterimesh™ Wire Shelving Compactus Unit with a sliding shelf system for ease of access to items inside the plastic crates.

The new systems have enabled the hospital staff to effectively store hospital consumables & awkward shaped patient belongings effectively. Using the vented plastic crates increased the storage volume by almost 2 times the amount an X-Large Wire basket would have provided. Patients now staying at the Port Macquarie Mental Health Unit are now able to keep their personal belongings such as a musical instrument, rug or favourite game with them during the duration of their stay. When not in use they can be easily stored away, easily accessible by staff. The wire compactus unit in the general store has also made storage of stock much more visible & accessible, and the rooms are tidier & safer with all items being stored neatly away.

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