SURGIBIN® provides the highest standards for Medical Storage needs.

Supplier: Krosstech Pty Ltd
10 March, 2019

SURGIBIN® chrome wire storage products are designed specifically for the medical and hospitality industries.

SURGIBIN® chrome wire storage products are designed specifically for the medical and hospitality industries. Durable and reliable, SURGIBIN® products reduce contaminants, keep sterilised stock protected, and decrease potential hazards – all while maximising the use of storage space in your hospital or medical facility.

With a wide range of protective equipment organisers, SURGIBIN® chrome wire products hold an extensive range of medical supplies for organised infection control storage.

It’s all about superior quality to ensure durability and longevity so that your hospital or medical facility continues to operate smoothly.

SURGIBIN® uses chrome wire that doesn’t trap dirt or debris like plastic storage products do, and here’s how:

  • The metal construction dissipates static electricity that attracts dust.
  • A smooth chrome finish helps prevent dust particles from gathering on items stored in a SURGIBIN® .
  • Larger diameter wires and an open construction prevents the entrapment of particles commonly found in closely positioned structures.
  • Horizontal wiring on the sides to give strength and support, but also for allowing smaller products to be retained safely.

Working with you to provide efficient and sterile storage solutions, SURGIBIN® products offer top quality design and adaptability to suit your needs. Hook them on to louvre panels, sit them on bench tops, or place them on shelves – the range of items available will meet your requirements.

SURGIBIN® also provides a variety of extension products, including:

  • Stacking Adaptors – for keeping SURGIBIN® wire bins stacked vertically and saving on storage space.
  • Dividers – to allow separate compartments or sections within a single SURGIBIN® .

Hospitals and medical facilities come with specific needs, and SURGIBIN® knows how important sterile and secure consumable storage is to maximise safety and increase productivity all day, every day.

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