The benefits of the SitBones chair

Supplier: SitBones
14 June, 2013

The SitBones Ergonomic Office Chair acknowledges the crucial role the Ischial Tuberosities ("sit bones") play in order for us to sit with the correct posture.

The SitBones ergonomic office chair is designed to enable the "sit bones" to carry the upper body weight all of the time. When the weight is carried by and centred on the sit bones, the other body muscles do less work and are most relaxed. Using less energy to sit allows more energy for staying alert, focussed and productive. The short seat ensures full back support, maintaining the body in correct spinal alignment.

The SitBones chair promotes maximum leg movement minimising any constriction of blood flow to the legs and other parts of the body. At the same time, the vertical spinal alignment allows the chest and lungs to fully expand, increasing both the lung capacity and blood flow to the body, supporting good health.

With an erect spine, full back support and a balanced upper torso, the SitBones chair helps the sitter achieve an alert clarity of mind, maximising creativity and productivity.

The SitBones chair offers the following important benefits:

  • Ensures perfect sitting posture all the time, preventing the sitter from slouching
  • Provides full back support with correct spinal alignment
  • Increases blood flow to the legs and air to the lungs
  • Reduces pain in the back, neck, and shoulders
  • Supports excellent genital health
  • Is fully ergonomic and adjustable
  • Is extremely comfortable over long periods of time
  • Is ideal for all shapes and sizes, short people and the elderly
  • Keeps the sitter aligned, alert and focussed, maximising creativity and productivity
  • It minimises absenteeism in the workplace