The first and last lines of defence in the fight against the spread of infection

08 Oct 2021

We want to recognise our front line — all of our hard working nurses, doctors, emergency services, and the admin staff that support them. They are a group of amazing people.

Their tireless work, not only in these difficult times but always, is to be appreciated and celebrated.

We also want to recognise the people that represent our first and last lines of defence in the fight against infection.

The people that have ensured a safe environment before you arrive, the ones that stay with you as you go about your day and the ones who come after you leave to start it all again.

These people are made up of the front line, nurses and emergency service workers who clean as they go, making sure that our environments are kept safe.

The lines are also made up of the people in the ever growing number of cleaning services which have now become such an important part of our daily lives.

We want to also celebrate this group of people and organisations that can make a huge difference to our safety.

Medclean Pty Ltd is one of these organisations. Led by managing director Michael Miljkovic, Medclean have been specialising in cleaning and laundry services for the aged care sector for over 20 years.

They are passionate about enriching the lives of the residents they serve and have earned respect for their work ethic and common sense approach to cleaning and disinfection to achieve the best results for their clients.

They are recognised for their experience and wealth of knowledge in their field. They are members of the Leading Age Services Australia (LASA) and the Australian Cleaning Contractors' Alliance (ACCA) and believe in building strong and long-lasting working relationships. By implementing best-practice systems used throughout their organisation they provide excellent results with a dedication to customer service.

Their unique approach provides a complete solution to their clients and is what makes Medclean one of the organisations that stand out. They believe that providing the best results is a combination of using the right products with the right methodology in tandem.

This has led to them working in facilities that have sadly been impacted by the pandemic to help and in some cases, in just over 24 hours, they have brought an end to the spread of infection and stopped further loss or impact to precious lives.

Medclean have been using S-7XTRA products for 6 years and they believe it is part of the reason for their success.

Recently, Daniel Tola, State Manager for Medclean had this to say about S-7XTRA and Anaeron:


"Medclean is a provider of cleaning and laundry services specifically to the aged care industry.

As such, we are very selective in the products we use to clean and sanitise our clients’ facilities.

I have no hesitation in recommending S-7Xtra as an excellent product.

Manufactured in a TGA certified Australian based plant, S-7Xtra has undergone rigorous testing in order to qualify for TGA certification (with claims).

Medclean has been using this product for some 6 years, in all its forms:

  1. as a bio-misting agent
  2. hand sanitiser
  3. surface wipes
  4. cleaning agent

In all its uses, S-7Xtra has consistently performed exceptionally well; living up to, if not exceeding, all expectations. In a world which has recently been flooded with new products making sometimes extraordinary claims regarding their capabilities, we choose to continue using and recommending S-7Xtra. This is our product of choice and the one we trust to meet our high expectations.

Its TGA certified Reactive Barrier Technology makes this product invaluable in the fight against not just Cov19, but any pathogen found in the environment.

The support we receive from the staff at Anaeron is second to none. They are very knowledgeable in their field, professional and ethical. They are always available to provide assistance and advice to their clients.

We are very pleased and proud to be able to partner with them."


Anaeron has been proud to partner with Medclean among a number of similar organisations who provide high quality services.

S-7XTRA is proudly made in Australia bringing peace of mind and simplifying your training and cleaning protocols — helping the first line, the last line and the front line in the fight against the spread of infection.

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