The suitability of walk in baths for home care

Supplier: Windsor Walk-In Baths (Australia)
23 May, 2016

This article has been inspired by a man who devoted exceptional time and effort way beyond the norm, to investigate the suitability of a walk-in bath for his aged sisters, to allow them to stay in their own home.

Many people do not have the resource to do this amount of research, so his experience will help others in the same situation.

Selim started by doing an extremely thorough search on the internet, which he followed by asking us extensive questions regarding our baths.

We then looked at his premises for the practical side of installation.

He then brought both of his sisters to our warehouse to see their reaction, check the quality and the size suitability of the model we recommended, a COMPACT model with the Canadian hydrotherapy spa system 

We then had our Sydney approved installers, Pure Plumbing Professionals, give him an installation quote, which Selim accepted. The bath was delivered by our carriers and installed.

We then asked Selim for his assessment of his whole interaction with us. Here are some comments:

"All the dealings, delivery and installation went perfectly ok without any hassle. The installation went smoothly, done by very friendly and reliable young men who were willing to help.

"I recommend these baths to all people. It is a miracle and a great idea and will keep elderly people at home longer, before needing hostels or nursing homes."

If you are considering to use a Walk In Bath for Home Care please feel free to contact us for some advice.