TR 900 Bath helps with safe labour efficient lifting for patients

22 June, 2009

The beauty of the TR 900 elevating bath is that it efficiently increases staff productivity and facilitates the “no lift policy” for attendants in their working environment, which is currently of great concern in the nursing sector.

It also integrates with the TR Transport System, as well as with the TR 7000 ceiling hoist, allowing the patient to have a very comfortable bath experience.

AIS Healthcare, which sells the products, says that the TR 900, combined with the TR Transport System, provides a greater return on investment. The advantage of combining these items means that staff can transfer both a sitting and a recumbent person to the bath.

In addition, it is designed to meet all your hygiene needs, allowing you to provide better care to your patients with greater productivity and efficiency than ever before.

The friendly functional design of the TR 900 integrated bathtub and panel makes it simple and convenient to operate too.

With its well known techniques and fingertip touch for up/down activation, the T900 raises silently to a convenient attending height.

On top of that, the smooth and soft design of the integrated tub and panel makes it easy to keep clean and maintain. And the extra width of the bath tub at the head end allows for more space for arms and shoulders, which provides a distinct advantage when shampooing.

It includes an ergonomically adjustable footrest and the white shower handle allows for comfortable showering, thanks to its soft water dispersion. The nozzle is also easy to clean, thanks to its rubber strainer.

The shower handle itself is easy to reach on the right hand side of the panel and it can also be moved out of the way when not in use.

Another great feature is the “hidden” cleaning system in the TR 900 C. It has a lockable suspension bracket for the yellow handle and it activates with a special key for on/off. When it is not activated, the system is out of reach for improper use.

As for the bathtub drainage, this closes and opens by turning the overflow valve. And the TR 900 CW whirlpool increases the person's well being, by massaging and relaxing muscles, which stimulates circulation and assists in washing.

It has been used in the following sites over the last six months:

- Heritage Manor - Morwell ( Vic )
- Karinya Grove Residential Care Facility - Coleman Care Group (Vic )
- Freedom FM - Canberra
- ST Ives Group - WA
- Clayton Church homes - SA
- Anglicare Homes - SA x 8 TR 900 CWA
- Kurrajong Warratah - Wagga Wagga (NSW )
- Residential Gardens (NSW )