Transferring fresh cooked food hot to the point of service

Supplier: Spacepac Industries By: Fairly Soejanto
25 August, 2015

The Gemini Tray-On-Tray Plated Meal Trolleys ensures your food is kept fresh and warm while delivering to your customers. These trolleys are specially designed to hold meals on trays. The food can be plated in the kitchen and loaded bottom up by the side of the trolley.

These trolleys are suitable for both small and large organisations. With these multifunction trolleys, you can spend more of your time preparing and serving customers by not needing to reheat your food. It is aimed at hospitals, nursing homes, old age homes, hotels, schools, catering & delivery services, banquet and even armed forces and aircrafts.

These food trolleys transfer fresh cooked food or regenerated food into a Versigen 'Hot line' trolley and deliver to any location within the facility. The hot line system pre-heats the trolleys for 20min before loading. During times of delay in serving your meals, the Gemini tray-on-tray plated meal trolleys are able to re-heat the meals for a short 10min before serving, hence bringing the best quality meals to your customers.

Unique Versigen innovations such as Profile Temperature Technology, Turbo heat Generator and the Focus Top Hot Service System ensure that your meals are kept at a safe, even temperature during transport, plating and service, without drying out or burning.

The result is that your clients will receive hot, attractively presented and nutritious food – at the point of service. Regenerated food can be served hot and fresh as though it came straight from the kitchen.

These Gemini trolleys are made from stainless steel and the 125mm diameter castors has precision bearings for easy manoeuvring. The electronic control panel which shows the temperature can be easily programmed and operated. For safety precautions, the trolley is fully fused, has an electrical isolation contraction and over-riding high temperature thermostat.

There is an option of variable capacity of 24 or 30 trays. The Gemini 24 Tray (#GEMINI24GHA) and Gemini 30 Tray (#GEMINI30HA) have one heated compartment and one ambient compartment holding 24 and 30 trays respectively in each section. Doors on each side simplify loading and unloading.

Both compartments are isolated, hence the trolley can be safely used part-loaded. Another option is the Gemini 24 Tray (#GEMINI24HR). This model has one heated and one refrigerated compartment for holding and transporting hot and cold meals on separate trays. Simply plate hot and cold dishes well ahead of service, load trolley and serve when convenient. Meal temperatures will be safe and food quality perfect. All three models have a power rating of 3.0kW.

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