Welch Allyn handheld instruments aim to enhance preventative care

Supplier: Welch Allyn - Hillrom
23 June, 2015

Handheld instruments are optimised with Welch Allyn SureColor™ LED lamp technology, providing the right balance of temperature, appearance and brightness

Welch Allyn, a leading medical diagnostic device company that delivers pragmatic innovation at the point of care, today announced the availability of new Pocket LED and Pocket Plus LED Otoscope and Ophthalmoscope Sets.

The sets build on the company's 100- year history of providing practical solutions that are designed to help physicians identify the presence of various eye and ear diseases and increase the number of patients receiving timely treatment that may help prevent vision or hearing loss.

Now available in Mexico, Colombia, the UK and India, the new otoscope and ophthalmoscope sets are optimised with Welch Allyn SureColor™ LED lamp technology, which provides the right balance of color temperature and rendition and brightness to enhance early and accurate diagnoses.

"Since our company was founded on an ophthalmoscope 100 years ago, we are excited to offer our customers an integrated LED lamp in a new generation of handheld instruments," said Nadja Briscoe, product manager, Physical Assessment at Welch Allyn.

"LEDs virtually remove the nuisance of having to deal with lamp failures when trying to complete a physical exam.

They give our customers the opportunity to become more energy- and cost-efficient in their practices and help reduce overall cost of ownership of their most commonly used diagnostic instruments. Not only are the customisable colors an attractive feature, but the lightweight, rugged set gives even the most frequent users the portability and durability they need."

The Welch Allyn LED Ophthalmoscope is designed to provide the exact light needed for fundoscopic examinations as well as all the apertures and filters found in the company's full-sise ophthalmoscopes. The Welch Allyn LED Otoscope provides cool light and no reflection or obstruction for true tissue color, clarity and definition of the ear canal and fundus.

The Welch Allyn Pocket Plus LED Otoscope has all the same features as the Pocket LED Otoscope plus six lumens for two times the intensity and a five-year warranty. The Pocket Plus Ophthalmoscope has all the same features as the Pocket LED Ophthalmoscope, plus a neutral density light filter switch to help virtually eliminate corneal glare as well as a five-year warranty.

Designed with med students and primary care physicians in mind, both sets offer portability and durability and are customisable in four stylish colors (onyx, plum, vanilla or blueberry) including the handle bumper and otoscope window bumper accessory set.

LED lamps are tested to 30 times longer life than traditional halogen lamps and enable three times the ontime per single charge when used with Welch Allyn rechargeable handles. Welch Allyn SureColor™ LED lamp technology preserves the familiar feel of halogen lamps and provides consistent color output while light intensity is lowered to help improve the view and increase patient comfort.