What aged care and disability bodies use Windsor Walk-in Baths?

Supplier: Windsor Walk-In Baths (Australia)
27 March, 2015

Throughout Australia, a broad range of aged care and disability bodies are using the Windsor Walk-in Baths range.

There are three fundamental reasons as to why these businesses and organisations are choosing to use our range:

  • Occupational Therapists recognise walk-in baths as being a fresh approach to bathing for their clients
  • Windsor Baths are a commercial grade product, designed to reduce demands placed on carers whilst simultaneously enhancing the client’s bathing experience. There is a better alternative to the plastic chair in the shower.
  • The entire Windsor range is designed entirely with safety and comfort in mind; regardless of commercial considerations. We do not have any lay-in type models of any type in our range, as it would be negligent for us to do so. Occupational Therapists recognise this.

If you have any doubt as to the dangers of lay-in baths for individuals with even mild mobility issues, you can refer to this article in the British Medical Journal.

Some of the many organisations who are currently utilising Windsor Walk-in Baths: