Wheelchair Accessible Caravans

26 Nov 2021

Do you dream of one day touring around Australia in your caravan, motor-home or van but find the idea of wheelchair access overwhelming?

Turn your dream into a reality with the AMF Bruns Cassette K90 Lift!

AMF Bruns from Germany have designed a lift to help those living with disability or limited mobility the means to access their caravan or vehicle, overcoming the restrictions and limitations associated with travel and accommodation.

The Cassette K90 lift can raise and lower a wheelchair and occupant in and out of a caravan or vehicle – all at the push of a remote-control button.

We have many dealers Australia-wide including Accessavan, who specialise in modifying caravans to become fully Wheelchair Accessible and rely on the AMF Bruns Cassette K90 Lift to deliver outstanding results for their customers.


Features of the Cassette K90 Lift:

  • Ultra-slim design guarantees ultimate ground clearance
  • Vehicle interior remains unchanged
  • Lift you up and lower you down within 8 seconds
  • No changes to the vehicle body necessary
  • Large lifting platform, suitable for large electric wheelchairs
  • Automatic barrier operates on uneven roads and snow, too!
  • Powerful, quiet travelling frame ensures smooth operation of the lifting platform
  • Manual emergency operation

Safety First

  • Safety barrier ensures feet cannot be trapped in mechanism when lifting platform
  • Fully automatic roll-off stop
  • Two warning lights flash automatically when platform is deployed, & give warnings in poor visibility
  • Safety switches ensures lift cannot be operated when door is closed

Am I Eligible For Funding?

Funding assistance through the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme), TAC & NIIS (National Injury Insurance Scheme) is available for those eligible.