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Comfort designed by you
Comfort designed by you
01 Feb 2021

The right choice and quality of comfort and support can make a real difference to both patient and visitor experience and safety.

When your patients are comfortable, everyone is happier, and it is vital that healthcare professionals have the right products and tools available to make this a reality. 

We design, build and test rigorously to bring to life the desired products ordered by you. Our in-house design process gives ample opportunity to update and refine designs per your requests and is done so with great accuracy and speed. With the assistance of the latest advancements in technology, products can be customised to suit a variety of needs and specific requirements needed to get the job done in an efficient way. Our customers are never left in the dark, as our products are continually up to date on all portals and generate a wide variety of information on the newest accessories and product varieties available.

At Select Patient Care we have partnered with the best bespoke manufacturers who alongside us research and develop quality products that are guaranteed to help nurses improve the lives of the patients in their care. There are many things we consider to be of top priority when hand-picking products that support this immense responsibility.

  • How ergonomic is the seating and what is its fundamental purpose?
  • Is the quality, shape, and density of the foam core suitable?
  • Heavy duty, hard wearing covers required or soft pressure relieving materials?
  • A range of customisation options that work in with today's facilities.
  • Colour options to suit any area in a facility.

Our ranges of pressure care products offer the perfect balance of comfort, care and patient handling effectiveness for your staff and facilities. We know just how important comfort is when it comes to looking after your patients.

This is why, we are in this together and will work with you to provide the products that help make a difference.