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Supplier: Integrity Health & Safety
29 June, 2021

The Australian Government’s Indigenous Procurement Policy is assisting thousands of Indigenous owned and operated companies to grow. Offerings include defibrillators, first aid kits and training.

There are internal and external reasons behind the success of any company.

When COVID-19 arrived in Australia, Integrity Health & Safety immediately adapted its operations securing its business into the future.

The Indigenous owned and run WH&S products, services and training company quickly offered its customers COVID-19 relevant products such as masks, thermometers and hand sanitisers on a larger scale than before.

Tim Cohen is the Chief Operating Officer of Integrity Health & Safety.

‘It also meant that face to face First Aid Training Courses were curtailed as did the sales of other products that were not needed during this period,’ Tim said.

‘Many businesses postponed certain purchases as staff were working from home. However, we are optimistic that the economy is rebounding and with it our business.’

Formed in 2014, Integrity Health & Safety was the brainchild of Liam Harte and Brad Goodwin, two Indigenous intensive care paramedics who served in the Australian Defence Force in Australia and overseas.

Both are knowledgeable and highly professional individuals who care about health and wellbeing. They are passionate about improving outcomes for Indigenous people through employment, education and health and are board members of local health districts in NSW as appointees of the NSW Minister of Health.

‘We offer quality products and services at competitive prices to clients who have an interest in fostering supplier diversity via Indigenous procurement to develop a sustainable Indigenous-owned business sector,’ Tim said.

More than seven years ago, Integrity Health & Safety signed its first contract with the Australian Government’s Department of Health.

Since then, and taking advantage of the government’s Indigenous Procurement Policy, Integrity Health & Safety has contracted with over thirteen Australian Government agencies and over four state government agencies in NSW and Victoria.

Its offerings include defibrillators, first aid kits and training, flu vaccinations, environmentally friendly cleaning products, hand care and sanitization products.

With success comes a need to share. Both Liam and Brad are committed to supporting the local Indigenous community.

‘Whenever we provide training courses, we seek to engage Aboriginal first aid trainers,’ Tim said.

Integrity Health & Safety gives back to the community via its Social Impact Commitment by funding First Aid, CPR, Leadership and Flu Vaccination courses to members of the Congress of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Nurses and Midwives.

The future is looking bright for Integrity Health & Safety.

‘[In ten years’ time] we would like to have grown our business, employing a larger team including more Indigenous employees, and being a role model for how an Indigenous-owned business can assist in Closing the Gap,’ Tim said.


For more information, see Integrity Health & Safety.

The Australian Government’s Indigenous Procurement Policy is assisting thousands of Indigenous owned and operated companies to grow and/or stabilise so they can be a source of wealth, training and employment for Indigenous Australians and help Close the Gap.