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AIS Healthcare

AIS Healthcare | to offer quality HC products for staff/ patient

AIS Healthcare

AIS Healthcare aims to provide only the very best in products & service we feel confident with and making sure our client will be more than satisfied with our range of products and services. AIS Healthcare offers quality products, staff training, support and after sales service. Our product range has proven many success in reducing staff & patient injuries as well as meeting the needs of bariatric patients. We aim to save you many dollars and time in the work place.

AIS Healthcare distributes quality products including Haycomp lifters manufactured in South Australia, Patient weighing products by A&D Mercury and Hygiene bathing products from TR Sweden, stainless steel products from Oxford Medical - Sydney Australia.

We pride ourselves in offering a solution and excellent after sales service to our clients.

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The AIS Group of companies is proud to introduce the AIS Healthcare division. With over 15 years experience in the Healthcare sector and we are working closely with the ANF who introduced the no lifting -OHS policy to promote the use of mechanical lifting aids and other equipment to assist
nursing staff in the moving, transferring and handling of patients.

AIS group of companies has been in operation for over 30 years providing sales and service to the scientific industry on a range of equipment. AIS Healthcare operates with the same succesful format, offering quality products at affordable prices, and meeting the needs of our clients and supplying excellent after sales service.
AIS have offices and national distribution network in all states including NSW, QLD, TAS, VIC. We are very proud to present to you our exclusive products, Haycomp patient lifters and TR bathing products which have been a great success in reducing back injuries within the work place as well as reducing premiums for major hospital's throughout Australia.
We attend all major trade shows and source international products, please don't hesitate to ask if we can source something for you as to save you time & money .

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