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Alive Technologies

Alive Technologies | Wireless Health Monitoring Device

Alive Technologies

Alive Technologies develops wireless health monitoring systems for screening, diagnosis and management of chronic diseases, and for consumer health and fitness. Applications include the management of atrial fibrillation and heart failure, cardiac rehabilitation and fitness monitoring.

Alive Technologies Monitoring System is targeted to the diagnosis and treatment of chronic cardiovascular diseases, including atrial fibrillation, congestive heart failure and sleep apnea, as well as general health and fitness.

Designed for use in the doctor¡¦s office, home or gym, the monitor uses wireless Bluetooth and mobile phone networks to immediately transmit ECG and accelerometer data to a computer, PDA, or central monitoring centre. It features the latest generation of Bluetooth wireless technology and new electrode technology for optimum signal quality.

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Alive Technologies is headquartered at Arundel, on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, The facility is designed specifically for the design and production of medical products, and meets the regulatory requirements for Australia, Europe and the USA.

Alive Technologies are seeking distribution, licensing, manufacturing, research, marketing and investment partnerships to fully exploit the exciting opportunities for their technologies.

The treatment of patients with chronic illness in their own home will be greatly improved. Because the Alive Monitor sends out data wirelessly, patient health can be monitored continuously while patients are leading their normal life. The patient¡¦s quality of life will be improved, and the patient¡¦s condition more easily diagnosed.

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