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Automatic Manipulator | Abi Loader

Supplier: Les Brazier Special Vehicles

The AbliQuip "AbiLoader" is a state of the art, computer free, Automatic Manipulator.

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Product Features:

  • Designed to meet the safety challenges and the disabled driver's needs
  • Smart, simple and effective.
  • Speeds up leaving and entering your car.
  • Saves your shoulders and arms.
  • Keeps the interior of your car clear for passengers
  • Environmentally friendly - does not increase fuel consumption (unlike roof loaders).
  • Discrete, your vehicle is not conspicuous.
  • No problem with garage doors or multi storey car parks.
  • In emergency situation allows manual operation.
  • Allows you and your vehicle freedom - no parking hassles, keeps your wheelchair dry and no equipment noise in the cabin.
  • Transferable from one car to another.

Product Summary:

With the flick of a switch, the tail gate opens and within 25 seconds the wheelchair is at the driver's door. Flick the switch again and while you complete your transfer to the chair the "AbiLoader" returns to the back of the vehicle.

Designed to be used in cars with high rear door, vertical or slightly inclined, such as station wagons, minivans, SUV, off-roads or 4WD. Since the "AbiLoader" occupies very little space along the motor car axis, it can be installed behind the rear seats in relatively small cars like station wagons. If the luggage compartment is larger, thn the remaining space may be used for its original purpose.

There are two versions available:

  1. "AbiLoader" - foldable (collapsible) wheelchair users.
  2. "FX AbiLoader" - fixed (rigid) frame wheelchair users