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CardioScan Services

CardioScan Services | Cardiac Device Distributor & Reporting Provider

CardioScan Services

Established in 1984, CardioScan is Australia's longest-standing cardiac monitoring and reporting service, providing state-of-the-art services for the medical community in cardiac reporting.
With world’s best practice turn-around times, our services typically provide our customers and their patients with ECG reports in under two hours, and ambulatory holter and AMBP reports the same day.

We have operations in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore, whilst we also provide services to customers in Europe, USA and Asia. In Australia we report on more than 500,000 cardiac tests each year, providing our service to all of the leading pathology and the majority of the private hospital and medical groups.

CardioScan has also developed its own proprietary cloud-based software platform BeatBox that allows our customers real-time access to completed reports while integrating seamlessly with both electronic patient records as well as financial reporting systems. In addition to this, BeatBox allows external reporting cardiologists access to our pool of Cardiac technicians to assist with patient data analysis, allowing them to report anytime, anywhere.

Our full service, ISO9001 accredited operation provides equipment, installation, staff training, servicing, BeatBox access and after hours reporting.

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At CardioScan, we’ve been saving time and lives for more than 30 years. With each new innovation or solution, one idea has remained: Deliver the right information when it matters, to those who can make a difference.

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