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Cardiovascular Management System | SphygmoCor CVMS

Supplier: Atcor Medical

The SphygmoCor Cardiovascular Management System (CVMS) is a lightweight, portable device used to non-invasively obtain important vital cardiovascular data that cannot be obtained with traditional brachial cuff blood pressure measurements.

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Used in research, patient care, and in pharmaceutical clinical trials worldwide, SphygmoCor CVMS system allows clinicians and researchers to measure the pressures the heart, brain and kidneys actually experience.

The SphygmoCor CVMS product range includes:

The SphygmoCor CP System

The SphygmoCor CP includes Pulse Wave Analysis (PWA) software only. During a PWA measurement, a 10 second snapshot of the radial arterial pressure wave is measured using a radial pressure sensor – called a tonometer. The SphygmoCor software derives the ascending aortic pressure wave, equivalent to the pressure wave measured by an invasive catheter. From the aortic pressure wave, a number of valuable cardiovascular measurements are determined, including central aortic systolic pressure, aortic augmentation index, and the central Pulse Pressure.

Central blood pressure, measured with the SphygmoCor CP system, has been shown to be a superior predictor of cardiovascular events, when compared to brachial pressure.

SphygmoCor Pulse Wave analysis software and the SphygmoCor CP system, are the global gold standard for central blood pressure and arterial stiffness assessment. SphygmoCor technology has been featured in hundreds of published studies, and is used in patient care, research and in pharmaceutical clinical trials worldwide.

Published studies have described the SphygmoCor system's use in hypertension management, heart failure, kidney disease, high risk pregnancy, diabetic care, drug therapy management, cardiovascular risk stratification and a wide range of other applications.

The SphygmoCor CP system is portable, lightweight and is suitable for use in every clinical setting, including home care and military applications.

SphygmoCor CP systems are fully upgradeable. SphygmoCor CP can be upgraded to SphygmoCor CPV which adds pulse wave velocity measurement and SphygmoCor CPV can be upgraded to SphygmoCor CPVH which adds additional capability for heart rate variability testing.

The SphygmoCor CPV System

The SphygmoCor CPV system includes Pulse Wave Velocity software, as well as the Pulse Wave analysis software supplied on the SphygmoCor CP. With the SphygmoCor CPV, Pulse Wave Velocity or PWV measurements can be taken from any pulse points in the human body, although the aortic PWV, measured through readings at the carotid and femoral arteries, has been shown to be the most predictive of CV risk.

The SphygmoCor CPV system is the global standard for pulse wave velocity assessment, and has been the used in hundreds of published studies. It is used in patient care, research and pharmaceutical clinical trials in more than 57 countries globally.

The SphygmoCor CPVH System

In addition to Pulse Wave Velocity, and Pulse Wave Analysis software, the SphygmoCor CPVH system also provides Heart Rate Variability software. The SphygmoCor Heart rate Variability (HRV) software allows analysis of both time and frequency domains and measures of sympathetic and parasympathetic activity. The system allows standard HRV measurements to be measured over 6 hours, as well as valsalva and standing maneuver HRV measurements to be performed.