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Centaur Software

Centaur Software Development Co. is a leading Australian provider of dental management software, practice management software products and services to dental and allied health practitioners.

Initially designed by Sydney Dentist Dr Frank Papadopoulos, it was established in 1992 with the aim to create practice management software products - Dental 4 Windows SQL™ & Practice Studio™ which have over the years, evolved into the most popular and the best-selling practice management system in the industry.

The system is based on the principles of a robust and powerful central database and offers a unique and dynamic solution that can grow with the needs of your clinic into full practice integration. It was specifically designed to keep your practice at the leading edge of practice management technology and links effortlessly intelligent appointment scheduling and comprehensive practice management with complete clinical function.

Centaur Software Development Co. have invested significant resources in the systems, facilities and personnel required to provide outstanding service to its customers, assisting them in achieving maximum value from their investment in IT. The products success is due largely to the invaluable feedback from customers combined with the teams continuing commitment to provide them with the highest quality products and services to enhance their business success.

Our products and services include software and related hardware, ongoing training and support, and supply of other related imaging and photography products. Both systems are designed to increase the quality and reduce the cost of providing care by allowing doctors and allied health professionals to manage their practices more efficiently and reduce the administrative burdens created by an increasingly complex general health care environment.

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Dental4Windows was the first Australian Practice Management System released for Windows 3.1 back in 1994, it was the first Client/Server with SQL database engine Practice Management System in the world back in 1997, and was recently the first to be available for Windows Server 2003.

This long-term exceptional experience with the Windows operating system has aided us in our efforts to make sure our software and underlying architecture is the most compatible and scalable in the industry.

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