Cold Chain Breaches: Adverse Vaccines Storage Events

Supplier: ENLAKE
09 February, 2010

A Cold Chain Breach has occured if vaccine storage temperatures have been outside the recommended range of +2°C to +8°C. Cold Chain Breaches are sometime refered to as ‘Adverse Vaccines Storage Events’.

What to do if a Cold Chain Breach occurs:

• Do not use vaccines exposed to temperatures below +2°C or above +8°C without obtaining further advice. This excludes excursions up to +12°C, lasting no longer than 15 minutes, when stock taking or restocking.

• Do not dispose of these vaccines.

• Isolate vaccines and contact your State/Territory health authorities for advice on the National Immunisation Program vaccines and contact the manufacturer/supplier for privately purchased vaccines.

• Recommendations for the discarding of vaccines may differ between health authorities and manufacturers. Do not discard any vaccines until you have discussed the necessary actions.

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