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Curaden Swiss

Founded in Switzerland by the Breitschmid family, and active in the dental field since 1940;commercial firm since 1954; special oral-care line since 1974; pioneering role in interdental care; marketing company in Germany since 1976; in the USA since 1999; branches in Europa, America, Asia, Africa and in the Near East.

We are guided by the knowledge that a thoroughy clean tooth cannot become diseased.

We make oral health possible for everyone, by developing the necessary products and putting them on the market.

As pioneers in the field of individual prophylaxis we concentrate especially on the thorough, and at the same time gentle care of the interdental spaces.

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We use exclusively professional marketing channels. Our partners are dentists, dental hygienists, pharmacies and drugstores. We know their needs and we develop our products on the basis of this knowledge

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