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Dappen Dishes | SuperDaps

Supplier: Erskine Oral Care

SuperDaps - A new generation of dappen dishes.

Price Guide: POA

Benefits of SuperDaps Dappen Dishes:

  • SuperDaps prevent bond from setting in the well.*
  • No cover required - deep narrow black well massively reduces light penentration.
  • 1 drop of bond can last for the entire appointment. (Resin bond only, not necessarily solvent based bond)
  • Prevents wastage of bond.
  • Evaporation is reduced because of the wells narrow opening, and use of the brush as a loose "cork".
  • Tests confirm that non volatile bond can last 24 hours or more without setting!
  • Holds brush upright ready to use.
  • All SuperDaps work with microbrushes or bristle brushes.

There are 4 SuperDaps with different functions:

SuperDap 1:

  • One well.
  • Bond lasts for hours (up to 24 hours) because of reduced light). Volatile bonds last longer (not 24hrs) because evaporation is reduced (not eliminated).
  • Brush is held upright in the well ready to use.
  • Bond is kept free from contamination

SuperDap 2:

  • Two wells and 1 brush holder.
  • Combines SuperDap 1 PLUS another deep, wide well, 2.
  • Well 2 allows room for instruments to be dipped into bond or other liquids - such as when dipping the flat plastic with bond to manipulate composite.
  • Bond remains usable in well 2 for up to 90 minutes.
  • This well can also be used for other purposes - etch, prime etc.
  • Perfect for SE Bond® users - Prime in 1 , Bond in 2.

SuperDap 3:

  • Three wells and 2 brush holders.
  • Combines SuperDaps 1 and 2 + DailyDap (a standard dappens dish).
  • More options, more flexibility.
  • Additional brush holders.
  • Perfect for etch/prime/bond or etch/gluma/bond or Porcelain Etch/silane/bond etc.

SuperDap 4:

  • A mini dental organiser.
  • Four wells, two brush holders and two bur holders.
  • Combines all the other SuperDaps PLUS Well 4 has an angled side so the brush reclines backward and away from the hand after it has been used - and fits cotton bud with topical.

Note: Hole 2 also fits 99% of L.A. caps for no-risk recapping. Hole labelled 5 also is great for mixing and storage of wedges, sectional matrices, inlay and crowns.

 *Light Cured Bonds only  

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