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Hayes Handpiece Repairs

Hayes Handpiece Repairs | Handpiece Repair & Maintenance

Hayes Handpiece Repairs

At Hayes Handpiece Repair our business is just that – handpiece repair. We call ourselves the handpiece experts because it is our speciality. We can service and repair all major brands of high and low speed handpieces including red band speed increasers, air motors, scalers, endodontic and implant handpieces and many other common attachments.

We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality parts and can offer genuine and after-market repairs on many brands of handpieces.

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Adam provides in-office training to our customers. Demonstrations include information on maintenance of all handpieces, motors and instruments. We call them lunch and learn sessions, where Adam runs over maintenance procedures with the staff during their lunch hour or staff meeting. We provide posters to put in the sterilisation area to remind staff of what they learnt.

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