Introducing, TRIBUTE: A Premium Brand for Medication Carts, brought to you by Access Health.

27 Oct 2021

Our TRIBUTE Range of Medical Carts are built with high density panel and modular design to fit your varying needs.  

With over 40 years’ experience supplying quality Medical and Rehabilitation Equipment to Hospitals, Aged Care, Community Healthcare and Private Practice, we are pleased to offer a brand that embodies the core principles of being durable, flexible, practical, and attractive.

All our carts have a 5-year Warranty and include an option to select your desired locking option:  Electronic Keypad, Key Lock, or Breakaway Plastic Seal Lock.

In addition, they all come standard with:

  • An integrated handle for easy maneuverability
  • Large work area with Slide Out work Surface as Standard
  • Smooth opening drawers with soft close
  • Large easy role castors

 A TRIBUTE to your functional needs. For that efficient design.

Keeping in mind every work area and its requirements, our carts are designed as a solution for the specific function and come equipped with accessories that are needed as standard, allowing for extras as required.


  • Also used as a Treatment, Trauma, Dressing,Supply and General Cart                                                                           

ANAESTHESIA CARTS:                                                              

  • For the needs of the Anaesthesia department with Tilt Bin organizer and Accessory Bridge         

EMERGENCY  CART:                                                              

  • With Accessories such as Defibrillator, IV Pole,Cardiac Board and others included as a Standard                                                         


 ISOLATION CART:                                                                  

  • For those high-risk control areas, to be used in an environment conducive of reducing the risk of pathogen transmission


 PAEDIATRIC CART:                                                                 

  • For those emergency Paediatric situations, designed to accommodate the Brose law System.


A TRIBUTE to meet your space needs. For that perfect fit.

 Our Standard and Narrow Carts are available in a selection of width and height options to fit your requirements.

  • Standard Carts are available in 3 sizes of: S9- Compact, S10- Intermediate and S11- Tall

  • Narrow Carts are available in 2 sizes of: NS9- Compact and NS10- Intermediate

 A TRIBUTE to your workflow requirements. For that productivity enhancement.

Design your cart as per your need at work to function optimally. Customize your cart by selecting the number of drawers and the size of the drawer you want

  • For ease of calculations please use 3/6/9 inches as values for the drawer size heights.


Cart Size                     Total Drawers Height

S9-Compact                             24 inches

S10-Intermediate                    27 inches

S11-Tall                                   30 Inches


A 5-year Warranty with personal service and commitment.

At Access Health we take pride in delivering a personal service and supporting our customers to meet their requirements across a wide range of quality Healthcare, Rehabilitation, and Medical products. We are ISO 9001 certified, and an NDIS official provider.