The Complete Guide to Lockable Fridges for Medication

Euro Chill has a range of lockable fridges for medication that will suit every type of medical business.

No matter what you put in your medical grade refrigerators, effective and easy to use locking mechanisms are crucial to keep your supplies safe and secure. So, here’s a quick guide to finding the lockable fridge that’s right for you.

Why are Lockable Fridges for Medication Essential?

No matter what type of medical business you have, you’ll probably need a good quality medical grade fridge. This is essential for the safe storage of certain medical supplies such as:

  • Vaccines
  • A wide rang of Medications.
  • Biological samples.
  • Cold packs.

Even if your medical business is small, an ordinary refrigerator should not be used to store these items. And you definitely shouldn’t use the same fridge for drinks and staff lunches as well as medical equipment. Not only do ordinary fridges lack the advanced features that keep the temperature steady in your fridge, they’re also likely to see more traffic. Opening fridges constantly to retrieve items can cause serious temperature fluctuations, this becomes a problem when you’re storing certain medical supplies that must be stored at certain temperatures. Vaccines and medications are notoriously delicate, and if they experience frequent temperature fluctuations this can cause them to spoil or lose their effectiveness. This could cause detrimental affects to the health of patients. 

So, the next time you’re looking for lockable fridges for medication, it’s important that you choose a reliable, medical grade refrigerator.

The Growing Problem of Theft of Medications

Medication theft is an ever-growing problem. Hospitals, pharmacies, nursing homes, and clinics all over the world are being targeted. It is the responsibility of every medical business to ensure that medications are stored securely, particularly in the case of sensitive or dangerous medicines or those that are often the target of thieves. Having a secure lock on your medication fridge helps keep medications safe from unauthorised people who might want to use the medication inside for a nefarious purpose.

Another benefit of lockable fridges for medication is that they prevent accidents. You can’t watch your fridge all day every day, and if you have children or other at-risk individuals in and out of your business, a locking fridge helps ensure their safety.

A Fridge For All Medical Businesses

No matter what type of medical business you have, there’s a lockable fridge for medication that will suit your needs. Some of the businesses and the Euro Chill fridges that might suit them include:

Veterinary Businesses

  • Euro Chill’s Vet-Safe® lockable fridges for medication are suitable for veterinary clinics and animal shelters. They’re come in a range of sizes to fit in almost any office and will store all your animal medications and supplies in the correct range. Because of the self-closing door and solid locks, you won’t have to worry about any of your supplies falling into the wrong hands and you choose this lockable fridge.

Hospitals and Maternity Wards

  • Euro Chill’s Lac Safe® Premium Breast Milk Storage Refrigerators are essential pieces of equipment in hospitals and maternity wards. The door locking tab on these fridges keeps the supplies inside safe from theft and tampering. This means that you don’t have to worry about contamination of these most essential and delicate supplies. These fridges come in a range of sizes to suit any space and use fan assisted cooling to keep your supplies at a safe temperature for use.

Pharmacies, Medical Laboratories and Doctor's Clinics

  • If you need to store medications as well as delicate vaccines, then you need a high-quality refrigerator. Our Vacc-Safe® lockable fridges for medication are the best value and highest quality vaccine fridges currently on the market. They use an advanced cooling system for consistent cooling and their easy to use locking mechanisms will keep your supplies safe and secure no matter where you are.

The Takeaway:

No matter what type of medical business you have, you need a secure medical grade fridge to keep your supplies secure and safe to use. Euro Chill’s range of lockable fridges for medication come in sizes to suit every business. They’re available to rent or buy and Euro Chill also has payment plans available with very good terms.

So, the next time you need lockable fridges for medication, contact Euro Chill or check out our range for high quality refrigeration at an affordable price.


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