Lower workplace strains with the DEM-Truck versatile equipment trolley

Supplier: Spacepac Industries
02 September, 2015

The DEM-Truck versatile equipment trolley makes moving any products around the hospital or age care safe and easy, and only requires one person to operate.

Employers often underestimate how costly employee fatigue and strain can be to an operation.

While acute injuries such as sprains, broken bones and lacerations are often the first to come to mind, studies have shown these are not as costly to a business as chronic injuries that appear slowly over time.

One study conducted by claims service Zurich found strain injuries had the highest percentage of occurrence, and also had the highest claim severity of any workplace injury.

This includes cuts, punctures and scrapes; slips, trips and falls; struck-by or injured-by injuries and caught in, under or between accidents.

This also suggests that even employers that may not be involved in traditionally dangerous sectors, such as construction or manufacturing, are at risk of serious claims for strain injuries.

One of the best ways to lower employee strain is to use the right trolleys and equipment to move items around the office.

For example, the DEM-Truck versatile equipment trolley, offered by Spacepac, is perfect for demonstration, servicing and distribution purposes.

Originally designed for moving heavy photocopiers around the office, the product has now taken on several tasks that employees can use to lower the chance of strain.

The product is perfect for any application that requires an employee to lift any item into and out of vehicles or from one area of the office to another. This may include coffee machines, heavy books, small refrigerators and similar appliances.

The biggest benefit of the product is the health and safety it offers, significantly lowering the chance of back strain in employees. What's more, it can be operated by a single person, cutting down the number of employees it takes to perform these moving tasks.

The trolley can be used in several settings, and its height and load capacity can be altered to depend on the environments its operating in.

Spacepac Demtruk - Folding Trolley