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O2, CO2, He, N2, N2O, Nitronox & Medical Air | Air Liquide Healthcare

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Air Liquide Healthcare supplies all the principal medical gases used in hospitals:

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  • Oxygen - O2. It sustains life and is used in emergency, operating and resuscitation rooms, and to provide respiratory assistance.
  • Carbon Dioxide - CO2. Carbon Dioxide is used in operating theaters for insufflation, in dermatology and to analyse blood gases. It is also used in medical air or other mixtures to test respiratory functions and as dry ice for sample transport.
  • Helium - He. Helium is used for medical imaging, and when mixed with oxygen assists with severe respiratory obstruction, used as a carrier gas in analytical applications and in hyperbaric decompression chambers.
  • Medical Air - Medical air is used to provide respiratory assistance, drive suction venturis and for surgical tools.
  • Nitrogen - N2. Nitrogen is essentially a diluent gas, and is used as a surgical excipient. In liquid form, it is used for dermatology, cryobiology, cryosurgery and cryotherapy.
  • Nitrous Oxide - N2O. Nitrous Oxide is primarily used as an inhalant anaesthetic and analgesic agent in combination with oxygen or anaesthetic agents.
  • Nitronox - Nitronox is the safest known analgesic, free from after effects. It is self-administered by patients as a highly effective short-term pain control.

Medical Gas Supply Methods

Vacuum insulated vessels, cylinders, compressors, vacuum pumps, Dewars and gas generators.