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Supplier: Erskine Oral Care

Erskine Dental Oral Care Kits - 3 specialised kits.

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  • Oral Appliance Cleaning Kit
  • Dental Implant and Bridge Complete Care Kit
  • Periodontal and Diabetic Advanced Oral Care Kit

ORAL APPLIANCE CLEANING KIT: This kit has been designed to clean orthodontic retainers, anti-snore appliances, splints, nightguards, mouthguards, sportsguards, Invisalign (and similar items) and full or partial dentures. The cleaning tablets are fresh-mint flavoured leaving a pleasant taste in the mouth. The oxygen chemically alters unpleasant tasting and smelling substances that diffuse into the appliance polymers. The pH of the solution is near neutral so it won’t damage metal clasps or Co/Cr frames (kit contains 2 x 30 effervescent cleaning tablets, soaking bath with insert, special comfort-grip cleaning brush with extra strong bristles and a free sample of Piksters SupaGRIPS™ floss picks.)

DENTAL IMPLANT AND BRIDGE COMPLETE CARE KIT: Professionally selected products for cleaning in critical areas where normal toothbrushes can't reach and particularly in situations where conventional floss cannot be used where teeth are joined together such as with a bridge or splint (kit contains Piksters™ Dental Tape, 10 pack SupaGRIPS™, Piksters™ Interdental Brush Trial Pack (31 brushes), Piksters™ Extension Handle, Sulcabrush, X-Floss® (30 piece floss/threader pack) plus Ribbed Grip Toothbrush. Also included are free X-Ribbon™ and X-Threader™ samples and detailed booklet explaining the correct use of all components.

PERIODONTAL AND DIABETIC ADVANCED ORAL CARE KIT: This kit contains a selection of cleaning devices chosen by dental experts to get into the gaps between the teeth and below the gum line in the most time efficient manner. Contains many hard to find and very useful tools for higher levels of plaque control all in one convenient kit, to make high-level cleaning much easier and more achievable in patients that have greater need (kit contains Piksters™ Interdental Brush Trial Pack (31 brushes), extension handles for Piksters™ (optional use), Sulcabrush (a special double ended brush with focused tips), SupaGRIPS™ 30 pack, PTFE Dental Tape, 2 x Mini Dental Floss (high strength multifilament ‘scrubbing’ floss). Also included are free samples of the Ribbed Grip Toothbrush and X-Ribbon™ and a detailed, illustrated, booklet explaining how and why to use all the components.)


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