Temperature conditions are of great importance when selecting castors and wheels.

Supplier: Tente Castors & Wheels
26 February, 2020

Temperature conditions are of great importance when selecting castors and wheels.

The factors to be considered when selecting the most suitable castors or wheels for your application include the temperature conditions to which they will be exposed. The temperature range will affect the stability, load capacity and service life of the castors and wheels, for example. In order to ensure that the castors and wheels function properly, it is therefore necessary to determine the temperature conditions that they must withstand and then select appropriate products.

Determining the temperature conditions

The relevant temperature for the tread is determined by various factors. The ambient temperature is an important factor. Another factor is the heat caused by flexing. Flexing is influenced by the length and surface properties of the distance to be covered, the material, the load, and the shape of the tread.

With plastics, for example, the load-bearing capacity decreases when exposed to high or low temperatures. Elastomers, on the other hand, become harder and stiffer at low temperatures, which limits their elasticity. The operating temperature range for TENTE’s castors and wheels is stated on the respective product pages.

For extreme temperature ranges: Cold and heat-resistant castors

Some transport equipment needs to function perfectly in extremely cold or hot conditions. Such equipment includes mobile oven racks that are used in bakeries and pushed into the hot ovens, or transport racks that are exposed to freezing temperatures in cold storage rooms.

Cold and heat resistant castors from TENTE withstand extreme temperatures from -40°C to +280°C. A special heat-resistant plastic or silicone rubber is used in these cases, for example. The castors and wheels are also washable so that they can be used in areas with particularly strict hygiene regulations, such as the food industry or hospitals, without any problems.

We would be happy to help you select the castors and wheels that are best suited to your specific temperature conditions. Please contact us!