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Total Ability

Total Ability | Disability Vehicle Modifications & Driving Aids

Total Ability

Total Ability is a leading supplier of vehicle access products and driving aids for people with a disability or limited mobility.

We're passionate about delivering a stress-free driving experience and helping people achieve mobility and independence.

The range of products provided by Total Ability includes hand controls for driving, power assisted braking and steering, swivel seat bases, transfer platforms, wheelchair and ramps, satellite accelerators and the Pony Power Drive for wheelchairs.

Total Ability offers vehicle and product demonstrations to customers and works with innovative companies such as Fadiel Italiana, SMDM and other service providers to ensure that these products are readily available to customers in Australia and New Zealand.

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We supply leading brands of driving aids and vehicle access products to installers and disability vehicle modification specialists throughout Australia and New Zealand.

We also have a dedicated vehicle and equipment for driving assessment and work with Occupational Therapists, Driving Instructors and others to assist in gaining mobility and independence for their clients.

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