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Wymo Lifting Aids

Wymo Lifting Aids | Wheelchair Hoist & Disability Products

Wymo Lifting Aids

Wymo is a family organization which was created from 30 years of the manufacture of motorized devices by Ken Wyborn.

In 1982 the focus of Wymo’s work changed to the aid of a disabled motor vehicle driver with the invention of the Wymo Wheelchair Hoist.

The wheelchair hoist has helped thousands of people around the world gain a much higher degree of mobility and independence and we have achieved a very good balance of quality and price.

During the time in which we have been working in the field of disability products we had many requests for hoists for other applications, in answering these requests we came up with a series of `Post Type Hoists’ which uses an ingenious lifting and pivoting system with a 24 volt winching unit.

These different devices are rated to 135kg and unlike most products of this type freight is compact and installation is quite basic.

Wymo is an exciting, energetic and creative environment for all concerned. We are dedicated to our customers and are interested in the promotion of our products to anywhere where there is a need.

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