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Bed Slide Sheets | Pelican Manufacturing

Supplier: Pelican Manufacturing

These special slippery sheets are used for turning patients in bed or sliding them up the bed, they can also be used when sliding patients from beds to trolleys, etc.

Price Guide: AUD $34

Material: There are two basic materials used. Both fabrics are made from nylon, but have different qualities. The Red 507Q (Quiet) material is a strong non-rippable breathable material and is very quiet to use. The Pink 507S (Slip) material is not breathable. It is more slippery than the 507Q material, but is very noisy. This noise may upset some patients and staff, though after being used and washed about 15 times, the noise will reduce to a more acceptable level.

Sizes: The standard sheets, order codes 507Q or 507S, are cut 1m x 1.5m and are very easy to fold in half and use. When sliding patients up the bed, many facilities use two of the 1m x 1.5m sheets. They are both placed under the patient and the Carers slide the top sheet over the lower sheet. The larger sizes, order codes 507Q2 or 507S2 are cut 2m x 1.5m. This length can be folded in half so only one sheet is used when sliding patients up the bed. Special sizes can be made on request.

The sheets have heat sealed edges to help prevent fraying, without having a hem around the outside that may cause damage to the skin. However, we can hem the sheets for special orders on request.

We also make a Slide and Turn Sheet, which is a similar item which stays permanently on the bed. The patient can sleep directly on top of the breathable Slide and Turn Sheet. This eliminates having to log roll the patient which is necessary when using the Bed Slide Sheets.

Consult your Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist or Back Care Specialist when using Manual Handling Products.

Washing: For a longer lifespan, wash at 65°C. for 45 minutes. Do not use chlorine bleach or fabric softener. We suggest using Hydrogen Peroxide or Peracetic Acid. Air dry in shade or cool tumble dry. Never place in a hot drum. Nylon fabrics can suffer with rapid changes in temperature. Increase and decrease the washing and drying temperatures in stages. Excessive heat may damage the yarn and cause shrinkage. For infection control, machine wash up to 80°C. making sure to increase and decrease the temperatures in stages.

If the Bed Slide Sheet appears to have less 'slip' than normal both surfaces can be sprayed with a silicone spray. We recommend Helmar H 4000. Spray outside over grass, so the overspray does not make any walkways slippery. For thermal disinfection, it is suggested:

  • 5 minutes @ 80°C
  • 8 minutes @ 75°C
  • 10 minutes @ 70°C
  • 12 minutes @ 68°C
  • 15 minutes @ 60°C

Frequently Asked Questions


The Sheets can be washed in a normal washing machine. Do not use fabric conditioner because it can gave the material a ‘film’ which reduces the slipperiness. We do not recommend tumble drying as the heat can ‘warp’ or wrinkle the material. We do know that some facilities do tumble dry the Sheets, but only on a cool setting, and they make sure the drum of the machine is cool before putting the Sheets in.

Slipperiness wearing off

Before the Sheets leave us, they are specially Silicon-treated. If your Sheets have lost some of their 'slip', we suggest spraying them on both sides with silicone spray. Make sure you do this outdoors over grass as the overspray will make the surrounding area slippery.


1m x 1.5m and 2m x 1.5m

Noisy material versus quiet – which is better?

From testing, the pink sheets are more slippery. Having said that, both do the same job and it really comes down to personal preference. We find that Aged Care Facilities tend to prefer the red (quiet) sheets, and hospitals prefer the pink (noisy, but more slippery) sheets.

Do the Sheets fray?

It is very unusual for the edges to fray because all of our Bed Slide Sheets have the edges heat sealed.

Do the Sheets tear?

The material we use is very strong and will not tear under normal operating conditions. If you find any sheets with tears in them, it is more likely they have been damaged while in storage or if they have been washed with an item which has damaged it.

Are the Sheets available with hemmed or overlocked edges?

Our Sheets all have the edges heat-sealed to prevent fraying. The edges on sheets that are hemmed or overlocked provide space for bacteria to get into, so heat-sealed edges are better from an infection control perspective.

Is the material available by the meter?

We do not have enough demand to supply the material by the meter. Also, supplying the material by the meter would mean that the Sheets could not have their edges heat-sealed.