High Care Gel Mattress Case Study

19 Aug 2021

Primary result achieved with the help of Select Patient Care!

Wide Bay Health have been purchasing our range of Pressure Care products since 2019, prior to this patient’s were seen complaining that the mattresses were uncomfortable and hot to sleep on. The seam welds were also not holding, and the foam core would just randomly collapse. This then prompted the need to look elsewhere and in Maree’s words the five layered core and gel infused features of the High Care Gel made the mattress cooler to sleep on and their patients were comfortable. The Anti shear properties helped to reduce skin pressure and their wound care team were very happy with the clinical benefits that this mattress offered, it has since become the new “standard” across all Wide Bay Hospitals.

Maree said that Select helped to make life easier by providing local support, problem solving, fair pricing options and a large product selection that makes everyone’s life easier. With exceptional customer service and more importantly… BACKUP! Any and all issues which may arise are always dealt with efficiently and with a suitable outcome. My favourite and “Go To” supplier. I only wish they supplied absolutely everything I need to purchase.

"Select are happy to showcase products to staff when requested and offer solutions to any issues which may be solved by one of their current products or modifications can be made to suit our needs"- Maree, Wide Bay Health