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Multigate’s Custom Procedure Packs help to reduce infection

Supplier: Multigate Medical Products
13 November, 2008

Peter Chang, who is the managing director for Multigate Medical Products, recently answered our questions about his company and the benefits of the Custom Procedure Packs that his company offers.

Did you set up the company yourself?

Yes I did. Ben Chen works alongside me now as the general manager and he has been with the company for 20 years, which is pretty much when the company started.

How much do you enjoy working at the company?

I enjoy working at the company very much. I like it because we do our best to contribute to the medical industries and help to build careers.

Can you tell me about one of your best products?

The Custom Procedure Packs are set up for operating procedures that require consumables. For example, the gynaecologoical packs include surgical gowns, towels and drapes, to help assist the practitioner during procedures.

These packs are very useful for all hospitals and medical centres that require operations. They are also very cost effective, efficient and play a big part in reducing infection.

We design and make our own drapes, which is the most important part of the packs. Our products have been extensively used throughout Australia.

They very easy for use in hospitals, are reliable, and they provide practitioners with the ability to do more procedures in the same theatre. In addition, they save on preparation time.

Japan, Europe and the US are well ahead of Australia when it comes to using this type of pack. We hope to show people in Australia how valuable they can really be.