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Tesuco Pty Ltd, a composite name for Technical Supplies Company, was first registered on July 5, 1988. It was incorporated to provide the highest degree of technical support on gas safety through safety seminars, flashback and gas leak demonstrations and sales of the highest quality gas safety equipment to the gas welding, heating and cutting industries.

100% Australian owned, Tesuco is headed by two working Directors, Wayne Morris and Mark Stadtmiller. Between the two, they boast a combined experience of over 55 years in gas equipment and industrial gas applications and technology.

Both directors have been involved in sub-committees within Standards Australia involving industrial gas processes. Tesuco's success and growth over the last 20 years has been aided by the solid partnerships that have been forged with a number of suppliers based both locally and overseas.

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This knowledge and experience has been shared with the Tesuco team and is the reason Tesuco is well placed to offer the highest level of knowledge and support to its customers.

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