Ultrasonic baths: The importance and benefits of ultrasonic cleaning

27 Oct 2021

The efficient way to clean reusable instruments is by using an ultrasonic bath or also known as an ultrasonic cleaner

Hygiene and cleanliness is an essential protocol in any medical establishment. Dental clinics, hospitals, medical centres and laboratories and other facilities are all required to have concordats for proper sanitation of medical equipment. Reusable equipment like scalpels, endoscopes, stethoscopes, forceps and other hand instruments should undergo thorough sterilisation and disinfection before getting repacked to be reused.

The most efficient way to decontaminate medical equipment is what’s called “ultrasonic baths”. Also known as ultrasonic cleaners, these “baths” can thoroughly clean medical apparatuses and remove dirt, moulds, bacteria, and more. Let’s go ahead and take an even better look at what these cleaners really do and their benefits.


How Do Ultrasonic Baths Work?

Ultrasonic cleaners are specialised cleaning units that remove contaminants by using sound waves that are produced by energy. They also have specific liquid solutions that are made to sterilise, disinfect, and decontaminate medical instruments. Now, we won’t be going into too much detail about how they work because we’ve already talked about it in a previous article, but the process is nothing short of mind-blowing.

To put it simply, the machine’s electrical energy generates sound waves that travel through the liquid cleaning solution, initiating the entire cleaning procedure. If you want to know more about the cleaning process, you can check out our post titled “Ultra Sonic Cleaners and Solutions: What are They and What Do They Do? because for this one, we’ll be talking about the many benefits it offers.


The Benefits of Ultrasonic Cleaning

Medical establishments have numerous complex, delicate, and intricate instruments which would have to be cleaned by hand—which is very time consuming, impacting on efficiency—if an automated cleaning procedure isn’t put into place.

With ultrasonic baths, the task is made effective and safe. Multiple instruments can also be cleaned at once, saving the staff and medical establishment valuable time. Thanks to the intricate sterilising and disinfecting process that ultrasonic washers have, they’re able to reach and clean irregular surfaces, small crevices, and internal passages, without causing any damage to the device.

No other cleaning machine can dislodge challenging dirt from the surface of medical apparatuses like the ultrasonic cleaners.


Why are Ultrasonic Baths Important?

The reason why ultrasonic cleaners are so important is because they provide an efficient and timely way to do the job. Without them, medical establishments would find it hard to function and they’d often find themselves short on time, as well as short on equipment, simply because they haven’t been cleaned yet. They also consume less energy, which means hospitals and clinics would be able to save a lot of financial resources by having them.

A good example of a brilliant ultrasonic cleaner is the Q Series Ultrasonic Cleaners with Digital Validation, which has accurate process control, fluid level sensor, drain outlet, and  more! Not to mention the 3 year warranty!

With the digital validation feature, all cycle data is recorded and stored on a memory card and then can be transferred to a PC or server. Cycle data can be reprinted as required and provides evidence of the compliance of the passed cycles.

Using Ultrawave’s advanced software, Frequency Leap creates a pseudo-random leaping action between a wider frequency range. This reduces the standing wave to give improved cleaning performance time after time.

Patient safety is always the top priority and with ultrasonic baths, medical establishments can ensure that patients will get infection-free, clean, and trustworthy medical equipment. Equipment that can be used to save hundreds of lives!

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