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Dental Articulator

Supplier: Argibond Dental Laboratory Supplies

The articulator is an instrument used to simulate the maxillo-mandibular relation and movements of a patient in a dental laboratory, with the purpose of studying the occlusion and production of dental devices that will be used by the patient.

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These devices include complete dentures, partial dentures, bridges, crowns and bite plate, among others.

The face-bow is an instrument used to register the position of the patient's dental arcade in relation to the skull and transfer this record to the articulator.

The articulator and face-bow's use are restricted to qualified professionals.

It is important to emphasize, however, that the R-010100 articulator and face-bow provide a simple, fast and highly precise way of reproducing the human mandible movements, enabling the dental professional to carry out  corrective and restorative dentistry tasks more easily, rapidly and at lower costs than those of traditional, timeconsuming techniques involving expensive and highly complex equipment.

Furthermore, the semi-adjustable articulator and face-bow produce far more accurate results than those produced by "simple hinge" articulators, which involve arbitrary mounting of the mandibular cast on the device and whose movements are also limited.

The use of the semi-adjustable articulator and face-bow is therefore recommended for most prosthetic, occlusal and rehabilitation work. The technique is simple, fast and easy, offering highly satisfactory results for both the patient and professional.


     No:     Description

  1. Incisal table screw
  2. Lower frame
  3. Incisal table (acrylic)
  4. Finishing cover of right column
  5. Occlusal plan indicator
  6.  Incisal pin with hole
  7.  Upper frame
  8. Bennett angle adjusting device (Right)
  9. Condylar guide (right)
  10. Stabilising elastic band pin
  11. Position indicator of Bennett angle adjusting device (right)
  12. Screw to fix the Bennett angle adjusting device
  13. Upper frame support pin
  14. Lock of upper frame
  15. Condylar guide O-ring
  16. Model identification label
  17. Condylar guide fixer
  18. Condylar guide screw
  19. Pulley finishing cover
  20. Position indicator of Bennett angle adjusting device (left)
  21. Condylar guide (left)
  22. Bennett angle adjusting device (Left)
  23. Mounting plate guide pin
  24. Magnetic fitting
  25. Mounting plate magnetic
  26. Mounting plate (track)
  27. Incisal pin screw
  28. Condylar element screw
  29. Stabilizing elastic band
  30. Condylar element
  31. Face bow's guide pin
  32. Finishing cover of left column
  33. Mounting plate screw (lower frame)
  34. Mounting plate screw (upper frame)